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Jesus Defeated Death
Jesus Defeated Death

Jesus Defeated Death

  • Fine Art Paper
  • Canvas
  • HD Metal
  • 8x12
  • 12x18
  • 16x24
  • 20x30
  • 24x36
  • 32x48
  • 36x54
  • 40x60

This art is truly a simple vision I had in my mind and I will do more as a series. In my best efforts it depicts the very second The Holy Spirit rises out of Jesus’ body on the close. The Holy Light radiates from His chest cavity after He takes his last breath and all that’s left is His blood and body, a Holy sacrifice for all who have accepted Him as Gods one and only Son. The propitiation for our sins and the perfect bridge into the presence of a Holy God.

***All Canvas & HD Metal prints come ready to hang!